About the EMC

Welcome to the Ulster County’s Environmental Management Council’s website. This website will be a source of information for members and the general public. If you have questions or comments, please let us know. This is still a work in progress!

The Ulster County Environmental Management Council is composed of municipal representatives from Ulster County Conservation Advisory Councils, commissions and Boards. The EMC also has an equal amount of at-larger members from around Ulster County. The EMC meetings on the last Wednesday of every month at 7pm at Clinton Hall at SUNY Ulster. These meetings are open to the public and provides for environmental information and networking opportunities.

The Ulster County EMC’s mission is ” to review and advise the county and local governments on present and proposed methods of using, protecting and conserving the environment for the benefit of all the people.”


  1. Nice start up! Looking forward to being able to share information regarding our interests in the environment.


    Kingston Conservation Advisory Council Seeks New Members

    The Kingston Conservation Advisory Council has four vacant seats to be filled, beginning January 1st, 2012. Board seats are two year terms, appointed by the Mayor and members must be City of Kingston residents. Students are also encouraged to apply, as a youth member is a valued voice.

    This volunteer board is an advisory body that works to ensure the sustainable use of Kingston’s natural resources and the enhancement and protection of its environment. The City of Kingston is one of only 12 cities in New York State that have a Conservation Council and is one of 16 other Ulster County Conservation Councils. Formed in 2009, the Kingston CAC was instrumental in the city-wide adoption of the Climate Smart and Green Jobs Community Pledge, under which a Climate Action Plan is being written for Kingston.

    The Kingston CAC is commencing two new initiatives: the creation of a Natural Resources Inventory for Kingston, and the development of a Green Guide for Kingston. The Natural Resources Inventory will be a GIS based compilation of digital maps designed to help inform and advise the city government on land use decisions. The Green Guide for Kingston will be a digital and hard copy resource for the Kingston community, with up to date information about how to reduce our environmental impact on a local level. Subjects will include: recycling and solid waste, transportation, local food, gardens, landscaping and composting, home energy conservation and improvement, and renewable energy.

    The Kingston Conservation Advisory Council meets the first Thursday of each month at 6:30pm in Kingston City Hall. The meetings are also open to the general public. Interested community members should attend.

    For more information and for a full application, see http://www.kingston-ny.gov and navigate to City Government, Agencies, Conservation Advisory Council or contact CAC Chair Julie Noble at (845) 481-7339.

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